The Forgotten Factor in Driving

There is a direct correlation between your driver tee height and the resulting shot. If you set a robot up to hit fifty drives on the same exact swing path every time but changed the tee height, the resulting shot would be different each time you changed the tee height. If you gave that same robot a consistent tee height for those fifty drives, you would get the exact same shot fifty times. The most consistent swing in the world doesn't matter if your tee height is changing. Using the TZ Tee Height Setter from GodloveGOLF gives you a consistent tee height removing the changing variability of tee height. The TZ does all this with any golf tee so no need to continually buy bulky expensive specialty tees that break, get lost or scuff up your driver. This allows you to focus on your actual swing thought since what was once a changing variable, is now the controlled variable leading to farther and more consistent drives. To get an accurate and consistent drive, you need an accurate and consistent tee height.

Many golfers overlook that fact that their tee height can have an effect on their drives. We can be so focused on lining up every thing properly, keeping our head down through the swing and the barking dog off hole 12 that we either forget or neglect to make sure that we have the same tee height we had during our driving lesson last week. For example, let's say we practice driving with a tee height that varies between 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" tee height. We then go out later that day and play a round with a tee height that varies between 1-7/8" to 2" for what ever reason. Even if you have the exact same swing path, there is a variability in play, your tee height. This variability will cause you to strike the driver face in a different spot each time. 

Now let's go back to that same example but with a consistent tee height. You decide to use your TZ Tee Height Setter while on the range practicing driving and during your round both with the standard height TZ at 1-3/4". Having both practiced and played during your round with the same tee height allows you to groove your muscle memory more accurately resulting in farther more consistent drives all the while using any golf tee in your bag.

Some golfers use feel when teeing their ball and believe that since they've teed the ball thousands of times, human error won't play a factor and they'll get a consistent tee height just off of feel. The reason the three TZ heights differ by 1/8" is because an 1/8" can drastically effect your resulting driving shot. For golfers that want to really hone their driving and get more accurate and farther drives, getting a consistent tee height with the TZ Tee Height Setter will do just that. 

To get an accurate and consistent drive, you need an accurate and consistent tee height.

Posted on September 9, 2013 .