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A brand NEW golf product that's "Allowable Under the Rules of Golf" by the USGA.

The TZ gives you a consistent teeing height using any golf tee producing
more consistent and accurate drives.

How the TZ works

The TZ was created with design with functionality in mind. It's subtle, easy to use and will
never break under normal use. No need to change how you normally tee the ball.

Let the TZ set your tee height without guessing.

Why is tee height important? 

Ball flight is determined by both how and where you strike the ball on the driver face. And the "where" is directly correlated to your tee height. A 100% consistent tee height produces a 100% consistent target on every drive.

Use the TZ to groove your swing and build muscle memory required to develop and deliver consistent drives. The most consistent swing in the world doesn't matter if the tee height changes for each drive.

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“How high you tee the ball has a big effect on where you hit the ball on the clubface. And where you hit the ball on the clubface, especially with a driver, dramatically affects the resulting shot.”
— Randy Peterson, Callaway’s Golf Director of Fitting & Instruction, The Scientific Side of Ball Striking,

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Why TZ?

1. Works with any tee

  • Use your TZ with any traditionally shaped golf tee - no need to continuously buy expensive or bulky specialty tees.

2. Teeing with TZ is natural

  • No need to change how you already tee the ball - just let the TZ set your height.

3. Durable, economical and high quality material

  • TZ is precision machined from a strong, high quality aluminum alloy. It's light and durable with a clean, anodized finish and sharp laser engraving.

4. Choice of three heights and two colors

  • Heights
    High Launch  (1-7/8" or 48 mm)
    Standard        (1-3/4" or 45 mm)
    Low Bore       (1-5/8" or 42 mm)
  • Colors:
    Red & Black

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