Our Story

Over the years, as driver heads and tee lengths grew, we saw that many golfers, including us, were struggling to maintain a consistent driver tee height. We often wondered which missed hits were caused purely by our swing, and which were the result of, or made worse by, a bad tee height. We decided to eliminate this variable from our games by meticulously designing the TZ.

Our design goal was to solve this problem while respecting golf's traditions. Others have tried, but their methods fall short or can take away from the game. These include both cumbersome devices and special tees that bear no resemblance to a traditional tee. And marked tees tend to be expensive, are consumed over time, and only provide feedback after the ball has already been teed. The TZ, however, is "bullet proof."


It's intuitive to use and feels natural in your hand and allows you to tee the ball in a traditional way using the tees in your bag. We have used the TZ for several years now and have watched its popularity grow. Now we are taking it global and making it available to you. We started GodloveGOLF with a true passion for the game.

We have experienced, first hand, how the TZ has dramatically increased our confidence on the tee and the quality of our drives and game because we know the ball is teed the same height every time.

Our mission now is to bring the TZ to golfers everywhere to help them do the same. We love using the TZ and having One less thing to think about (TM) and we know you will too. Second shots are much more fun from the short grass!